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How to Maintain Windows

Keeping up with your windows is crucially important for both residential and commercial properties. By maintaining your windows you can extend their lifespan hence saving money in the long run on both replacement and energy bills. This also adds to the cleanliness of your space by removing hazards like mould and dust.

Windows are the "foot soldier" of your home or business they are in a constant battle with mother nature, the good and the bad, from extreme heat to cold, from wind to pressure. Therefore by routinely checking for leaks or cracks, you can easily get the work done without spending too much money.

There are many other benefits of regular window maintenance. The following information reveals how to best sustain your windows.

1- Windows should first and foremost stay fresh and clean. Dirt and dust will compromise both the look and the functionality of your windows.

Here is a how-to for Alumin

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Tips for maintaining your windows at home

um Frame Windows: simple wash with soap and water and of course a brush, simple and easy.

A glass cleaner goes a long way in improving the look and health of your windows. If you have Wooden Frame Windows, a cloth will do. Be mindful of using too much water on wood; this can promote rot.

2-Inspect your windows for the season

It is most useful to inspect windows before each season because the weather can have numerous effects on windows and parts. When examining, look at all the components. Always watch for any gaps between the window casing and the wall. Examine all the components and see how well they operate. You can do this by opening and closing the window to see if there is a cause of worry. Don't forget to check on the paint to see if it's peeling off. This is a common consequence of sun exposure.

3-After inspection, you may notice cracks, holes, chips among others. All the damaged parts must be fixed immediately. Always keep in mind that with time the issue will only be worse. If you are dealing with broken glass, the best way to fix it is through replacement. Broken glass can be a hazard and will affect the temperature in your home; causing higher energy bills. Therefore, fixing the problem as soon as possible is key.

4- Repaint by doing this you keep the appeal of your home and extend the health of your windows.

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